Stand-alone Research Services

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In addition to Integrated Drug Discovery collaborations, Aurigene also offer Stand-alone Drug Discovery Services (SDDS). These SDDS are offered in Synthetic chemistry (Small molecules and peptides), Scale up, molecular modeling, Protein production and Structural biology/ Crystallography,  DMPK, in vivo Pharmacology, Toxicology and Pharmaceutical development.

Details of the capabilities and services offered are provided below:

Chemistry Capabilities

  • Aurigene has services partnerships with several large and mid-sized pharmaceutical companies
  • Most partnerships that have been renewed over 4 years and more
  • About 100 chemists work on providing purely specialized chemistry synthesis services

Proven expertise and excellent track record with challenging chemistry, multi-gram synthesis and focused libraries.

Scale-up Track Record

Analytical Support: Reporting System/Process

Key Features:

  • Online Structure drawing facility for analysis.
  • Chemists will place an online request to the Analytical department for analysis of Samples
  • Once the request is accepted, physical sample submission for analysis
  • Queuing feature to display the status of compounds submitted.
  • Structure based search facility for accessing analysis reports.
  • Compound prioritization for Analysis.
  • Provision for IPM to archive data and download.
  • Provision for report export option.
  • After the analysis the analyses reports will be uploaded on to Chem. ticket portal

Chemical Inventory System

  • User friendly for placing chemical requisition.
  • Chem. Invent system provides efficient way to manage chemicals (efficient utilisation of chemicals)
  • Powerful search option like Name ,CAS number and structure search (exact structure, substructure, similarity structure).
  • Provision to move items partially/full Lab to Lab, Lab to Store & Store to Lab
  • Provision to receive, issue, return and consume items
  • Provision to track the status of item PR/Approval/PO
  • e-mail feature to notify users for any updates purchase status
  • Provision to check stock available in any stage
  • Provision to auto mail alert to remind item delivery notification
  • Inventory system has around 40000 chemicals with bar-code
  • Chemicals were stored on project basis.
  • Based on approval one can used other project chemicals.
  • Around 10000 chemicals are stored at cold storage.

Peptide Value Proposition

Peptide Chemistry Services: Core Competencies

Competencies ranging from simple linear peptides to complex forms
Complex peptide expertise includes:

  • Conformationally Constrained Cyclic Peptides
  • Cysteine Rich Peptides
  • Labelled Peptides
  • Peptide Based Affinity Ligands
  • Peptidomimetics

Peptide Services – Track-record

Structural Biology Services

Aurigene’s structural biology platform supports structure-based drug discovery from gene to final structures, including incorporation of your selected ligands. Over 280 crystal structure structures have been solved and binding modes determined for proteins from different classes. Moreover,> 120 proteins have been expressed and purified at Aurigene. The tables below are representative examples of the various target classes we have worked on, expression systems available at Aurigene


Protein production Services


Molecular Modeling

Aurigene has a wide range of computational and creative expertise which complements experimental data on structures. We follow two approaches to drug discovery – SBDD & Ligand based approaches

Gallery of Published Crystal Structures Solved at Aurigene

Aurigene has worked extensively on a wide variety of DMPK assays as part of its successful integrated research and standalone services focussed on various targets starting from Hit to IND stage.

In-vitro Preclinical Toxicological Services

Aurigene provides toxicology support to several collaborators – big and mid sized pharma, biotechs and universities. Our exceptional team of scientists regularly design and perform safety programs ranging from acute through chronic toxicity  studies.

Aurigene’s Preclincal Safety Evaluation laboratory is a state of the art purpose built Toxicology test facility with 18000 sq. ft laboratory area. It has got double corridor, dedicated experimental rooms with IVC caging system. It has also achieved Endorsement of Compliance with the OECD principles of GLP since 2003 by Netherlands Food and Consumer Product safety Authority (VWA) and by Indian National GLP Compliance Monitoring Authority (NGCMA) since 2004.

In-vitro Toxicity Studies

  • In vitro cytotoxicity (primary hepatocyte) assay
  • hERG Assay: Electrophysiology using automated patch clamp
  • Mutagenicity
    • In-vitro – AMES Test
    • In-vivo – Micronucleus Test
    • In vitro Chromosomal aberration assay

Aurigene has proven track record/competencies in offering insights/solutions to developability of compounds and generating data required for submission of IND