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Structure-guided discovery of 2-aryl/pyridin-2-yl-1H-indole derivatives as potent and selective hepsin inhibitors.
November 2015

Benzimidazole derivatives as potential dual inhibitors for PARP-1 and DHODH.
August 2015

Deregulated hepsin protease activity confers oncogenicity by concomitantly augmenting HGF/MET signalling and disrupting epithelial cohesion.
July 2015

Title: ​AFN-1252 is a potent inhibitor of enoyl-ACP reductase from Burkholderia pseudomallei – Crystal structure, mode of action, and biological activity.
May 2015

American Associate of Cancer Research (April 18-22, 2015 in Philadelphia, PA)
Poster Title: Novel IRAK-4 inhibitors exhibit highly potent anti-proliferative activity in DLBCL cell lines with activating MYD88 L265P mutation (IRAK-4)
Poster Title: Discovery of dihydro-isoxazole derivatives as novel inhibitors of NAMPT for the treatment of multiple myeloma (NAMPT)

Golden Helix conference, Malaysia, 2015
Poster Title: Dihydroorotate Dehydrogenase (DHODH) Inhibitor Suppress Breast Cancer Cells Proliferation

Title: Crystal structure of ATP-binding subunit of an ABC transporter from Geobacillus kaustophilus
(Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications)

Discovery of O-(3-carbamimidoylphenyl)-L-serine amides as matriptase inhibitors using a fragment-linking approach (Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters)

IRA 2014
Poster Title: Efficacy of Selective RAR-related Orphan Receptor gamma (RORγ) Inverse Agonists in Inflammatory Disease Models
Poster Title: Discovery and Optimization of a Novel Series of IRAK-4 Inhibitors for the Treatment of Autoimmune Disorders

Humboldt 2014
Poster Title: Identification of a potent inhibitor of enoyl ACP reductase FabI from Burkholderia pseudomallei – Crystal structure, Mode of Action and Biological Activity

Title: 3‑Alkoxy-pyrrolo

[1,2‑b]pyrazolines as Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators with Ideal Physicochemical Properties for Transdermal AdministrationJ. Med. Chem., 2014, 57 (17), pp 7396-7411

Title: Discovery of azetidine based ene-amides as potent bacterial enoyl ACP reductase (FabI) inhibitors. European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry. doi:10.1016/j.ejmech.2014.07.036

Title: Structure-Guided Discovery of 1,3,5 Tri-Substituted Benzenes as Potent & Selective Matriptase Inhibitors Exhibiting in Vivo Antitumor Efficacy. BioorgMed Chem. doi:10.1016/j.bmc.2014.04.013

Title: Expression of the fatty acid receptor GPR120 in the gut of diet-induced-obese rats and its role in GLP-1 secretion. PLoS One. 9(2): :e88227.

Title: X-ray structure of PTP1B in complex with a new PTP1B inhibitor. Protein Pept Lett.;21:90-93.

ASCO-2014 Title: Novel inhibitors of nicotinamide phosphoribosyl transferase and their evaluation in combination with bortezomib. J Clin Oncol 32,2014 (suppl; abstr e19566)

Title: Identification of a novel series of orexin receptor antagonists with a distinct effect on sleep architecture for the treatment of insomnia. J Med Chem. 2013 Oct 10;56(19):7590-607​.

15th International Congress of Immunology-ICI,  Aug 22-27, 2013, Milan, Italy
Poster Title: “Equipotent antagonism towards both ligands and excellent anti-tumor efficacy with a peptide inhibitor of PD-1 immune check point pathway”.
Poster Title: “Discovery of potent & selective retinoid related orphan receptor gamma (ROR-gamma) inverse agonists for the treatment of TH17 mediated diseases”

American Associate of Cancer Research (April 6-10, 2013, Washington, DC)
Poster Title: Equipotent antagonism, transient immune activation and excellent antitumor efficacy with a peptide inhibitor of PD-1 immune check point pathway
Poster Title: Identification of potent BET bromodomain inhibitors for treatment of cancer
Poster Title: Novel inhibitors of nicotinamide phosphoribosyl transferase (NAMPT)

Pharmaceutical Development and Technology (Informa Healthcare), 2013; 18(2): 348–358.
Title: Efficient throughput method for hygroscopicity classification of active and inactive pharmaceutical ingredients by water vapor sorption analysis


Title: Discovery of PyridylBis(oxy)dibenzimidamide Derivatives as Selective Matriptase Inhibitors. ACS Med. Chem. Lett. 4, 1152−1157.

Title: Discovery of 7-azaindole based anaplastic lymphoma kinase (ALK) inhibitors: wild type and mutant (L1196M) active compounds with unique binding mode. Bioorg Med ChemLett. 23:4911-8.

Title: Design and synthesis of 2-substituted benzoxazoles as novel PTP1B inhibitors. Bioorg Med ChemLett. 23:2579-84.

Title: Diphenylether derivative as selective inhibitor of protein tyrosine phosphatase 1B (PTP1B) over t-cell protein tyrosine phosphatase (TCPTP) identified through virtual screening. Mini Rev Med Chem. 13:1602-6.

IRA conference,  Sep 9-13, 2012, Lake George, NY
Poster Title: Inhibition of matriptase results in efficacy in preclinical models of osteoarthritis
Poster Title: Identification of PI3K isoform selective inhibitors for treatment of inflammatory indications

AACR Annual Meeting, March 31 – April 4, 2012, Chicago, IL
Poster Title: Demonstration of anti-tumor efficacy in multiple preclinical cancer models using a novel peptide inhibitor (Aurigene-012) of the PD-1 signalling pathway

Title: Preliminary safety evaluation of novel small molecule inhibitors of caspase-3. Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research, 4:3129-3133.

Title: Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of 3-(4-aminophenyl)-2-(1H-indol-3-yl)Propanamide derivatives as novel PTP1B Inhibitors. Res.J.Chem.Sci. 2,2012,63-71.

Title: Developing Selective Inhibitors Of Ptp1b Over TcCPTP. Journal of Global Trends in Pharmaceutical Sciences Vol.3, Issue 1, pp -558-563.

Title: Investigation of orally administered small molecule inhibitors of caspase-3 in murine models of apoptosis. Biomed.Phamcol. J. 5 (1), 1-7.

Title: Discovery of indoletetrafluorophenoxymethylketone-based potent novel small molecule inhibitors of caspase-3. Org Med ChemLett. Jul 16;2(1):27.

Natural Peptides to Drugs, 5th International Congress, December 4 – 7 2011, Zermatt, Switzerland
Poster Title: Auirgene -012 as a novel peptide inhibitor of the PD1 signalling pathway_ Identification of a preclinical drug candidate for cancer therapy

6th Annual peptide Therapeutics Symposium, Oct 20-21 2011,  La Jolla, CA
Poster Title: Demonstration of anti-tumor efficacy in multiple preclinical cancer models using a novel peptide inhibitor (Aurigene-012) of the PD-1 signalling pathway

Title: Synthesis and biological evaluation of novel oxalamido derivatives as caspase-3 inhibitors. Ind. J. Chem. 50B: 901-905.

Title: Cannabinoid 1 (CB1) receptor–pharmacology, role in pain and recent developments in emerging CB1 agonists. CNS NeurolDisord Drug Targets. 10:536-44.

Title: Evaluation of the effects of Mitragynaspeciosa alkaloid extract on cytochrome P450 enzymes using a high throughput assay. Molecules.16:7344-56.

Title: Peptide hormone isoforms: N- terminally branched PYY3–36 isoforms give improved lipid and fat-cell metabolism in diet-induced obese miceJournal of Peptide Science , Volume 16, issue 11 (November 2010), p. 664 – 673.

Title: Peptide Architecture: Adding an α-Helix to PYY lysine side chain provides nanomolar binding and body weight lowering effects. ChemMedChem.2010 Apr 6.

Title: A Structure-Based Strategy for New Drug Discovery.  Innovat.Pharmaceut.Tech.;14: 18-23

IBC Conference on Drug Discovery to Clinical Trials, Mumbai, India (Oct 5-7, 2005)
Title: Development of DPP IV Inhibitors

Title: Rational selection of structurally diverse natural product scaffolds with favorable ADME properties for drug discovery. Mol Divers. 9:131-9.

Title: The multiple orthogonal tools approach to define molecular causation in the validation of druggable targets. Drug Discov Today. 2004 9:117-26. Review.

Title: The impact of structure-guided drug design on clinical agents. Current Drug Discovery. December: 15-20