Aurigene provides a range of drug discovery services to its large and mid-pharma partners that includes full discovery programs, stand-alone chemistry services or a one-off fee-for-service arrangement. Most collaborations are strategic with multiple targets over several years that revolve around specific themes such as specific therapeutic focus, fast-follower/ novel target strategy, peptide discovery, or others. These umbrella arrangements provide the flexibility to explore and exploit a rich pool of scientific expertise and talent that is dedicated to these partnerships. Over time, longer relationships have the advantage of the leverage of mutual trust.

Aurigene has also repeatedly demonstrated its commitment by being able to deliver at short notice the required number of resources, the ability to work with multiple locations/teams of the partners and the ability to work on different challenges as needed.

Aurigene has collaborated with 6 of the top 10 pharma companies, and 10 industry leaders around the world, working on over 65 targets over the last 10 years; this has resulted in eleven (11) compounds in clinical development over this period.