Aurigene: To Separate its Discovery Business

Aurigene is in the process of separating its Discovery Business. More details of the same will be shared in the near future.

The proprietary pipeline comprises programs including those in small molecule I/O, Transcription Inhibitors and Protein degraders.

  • I/O pipeline includes first-in-class small molecule, inhibitors of CD47, TIGIT/PD-L1, TIM3 and CD73/A2AR.
  • Molecularly targeted Transcription Inhibitors: Highly selective, orally available, covalent inhibitors of CDK7 and CDK12
  • Protein degraders for SMARCA2/4 and other targets
  • Other Programs:
    • Autoimmune/ inflammation: RORgt
    • Oncology: MALT1, PRMT5
    • Bacterial Infections: FabI
  • Additional details are available at this link