Aurigene uniquely has

  • A track-record of having executed >75 discovery programs using small molecule, peptide and peptidomimetic approaches
  • Over the past 10 years, delivered fifteen (15) clinical programs, currently in Phase I/ II global clinical trials.

In addition:

  • Aurigene’s 250+ scientific team has a strong scientific and academic background with rich drug discovery experience; most senior scientists have spent over 10 years in the company. This stable team provides leadership and strategic oversight to the discovery collaborations
  • Experience with diverse biologies across multiple therapeutic areas and with different scientific approaches across biotechs to large pharma
  • Experience spanning from target validation through hit development, lead generation, candidate nomination, IND-enabling studies and all the way to early clinical development

All of the above combine to make Aurigene a unique Drug Discovery company and a partner of choice to venture-funded startups, biotechs, collaborators from academia and pharma companies.

Aurigene undertakes integrated discovery collaborations for small molecules as well as peptides and licensing of first-in-class and best-in-class assets in oncology and inflammation.