Proprietary Programs Overview

Proprietary Programs Overview 2018-01-09T12:42:48+00:00

A portfolio focused on Oncology (immuno-oncology & others) and Inflammatory disorders

Aurigene has a portfolio of proprietary programs in different stages of Pre-clinical and Clinical development. The core focus therapeutic areas are Oncology – Immuno-oncology, Epigenetics, Precision Oncology and selected targets for Auto-immune disorders.

Aurigene seeks to partner/ license its portfolio of programs for clinical development with organizations that have a strategic fit, through innovative deal structures that meet the mutual objectives of Aurigene and its partners.

  • Aurigene’s immuno-oncology pipeline is based on our proprietary platform of first-in-class small molecule, oral agents for immune checkpoint blockade.
  • Other oncology programs include inhbitors of IRAK4, CDK-7, CDK-12 and the MALT1 pathway.
  • RoRg inverse agonists targeting the Th17 pathway are in development for auto-immune disorders

Our Partnering Strategy

Aurigene aims to be a commercial stage company with a focus on India, certain Asian markets and other geographies over the next few years. Towards this end Aurigene has started to clinically develop its programs with a focus on India, where clinical needs and a large patient population afford a unique opportunity in terms of speed of development and economics. At the same time, our pipeline remains globally relevant and competitive, providing development and commercialization opportunities for our partners.

Resources required to meet Aurigene’s objective would be met through an appropriate monetization strategy of its pipeline.

  • Lead stage programs are available for global licensing
  • Candidate and clinical stage programs are proposed to be licensed ex-Asia and territories of Aurigene’s interest. In such programs, Aurigene intends to continue clinical development in India and share data with its partners to enable rapid global development.

Aurigene has the flexibility to create appropriate licensing structures with biotechs and/ or Pharma partners, as corroborated by its existing relationships.