A portfolio focused on oncology and Inflammation

Aurigene has a portfolio of proprietary programs in different stages of Discovery/ Pre-clinical development. These assets are being developed for partnering/ licensing for clinical development.

The core focus therapeutic areas are Oncology – Immuno-oncology, Epigenetics, Precision Oncology and selected targets for inflammatory disorders.

Aurigene seeks to partner/ license its portfolio of programs for clinical development with organizations that have a strategic fit, through innovative deal structures that meet the mutual objectives of Aurigene and its partners.

Our current pipeline includes both first-in-class and best-in-class candidates in oncology and inflammation.

  • Our immuno-oncology pipeline is based on our proprietary platform of first-in-class peptides and peptidomimetics for immune checkpoint blockade. Other immuno-oncology targets include Covalent IDO inhibitors and RoRg agonists.
  • Other oncology programs include difficult-to-drug and precision oncology targets such as NAMPT inhibitors, selective inhibitors of IRAK4, CDK-7 (covalent small molecule) and KRAS (covalent small molecule)
  • Th-17 pathway targets include RoRg inverse agonists for inflammatory disorders

Aurigene has executed option deals with biotech companies in creative partnering models that incentivize both partners for successful outcomes.

Proprietary Pipeline

Aurigene’s core focus is on two therapeutic areas: Oncology and Inflammation.

Within these therapeutic areas, Aurigene has leveraged its combined discovery expertise to build a pipeline of proprietary first-in-class immuno-oncology assets and best-in-class assets in precision oncology, epigenetics and Th-17 pathway.


Aurigene has pioneered a peptide/ peptidomimetic (orally available small molecule) approach to immune checkpoint blockade. Aurigene’s proprietary peptide platform has allowed the company to identify novel first-in-class compounds for the several immuno-oncology targets, currently in lead optimization and preclinical development. Aurigene has partnered assets from its immuno-oncology pipeline with Curis Inc. Learn More >

Precision oncology:

Leveraging the extensive experience across multiple target classes and biologies, Aurigene has discovered and developed several novel best-in-class and first-in-class assets targeting specific pathways as Precision oncology approaches. Learn More >


Aurigene has programs in the Bromodomain and Methyl Transferases areas. Aurigene has partnered its BET-inhibitor program with Orion Pharma, Finland. Aurigene is also developing selective inhibitors for the Methyl Transferase PRMT5. Learn More >

Th-17 Pathway:

Aurigene has focused its efforts on the Th-17 pathway for inflammation. The company has a selective RoRg inverse agonist in pre-clinical development, and expects to initiate clinical development in this program by late 2016. Learn more >

Aurigene aims to partner these programs with development partners who can provide an appropriate clinical development path that enables accelerated approval paths.