Guiding Principles

At Aurigene we believe in contributing to a sustainable community development and facilitating our efforts towards creating shared value. The Company shall follow the below guidelines for selection, implementation, and monitoring of CSR activities as well as formulation of annual action plan:

  • Identify the needs and priorities of the community and implement relevant social programs through a structured Social Engagement Plan.
  • Pursue social initiatives that:
    • Empower the community by creating urban and rural livelihoods and in particular enhancing skills and employability.
    • Improve access to high quality education in schools.
    • Support specific initiatives based on need, relevance and capability in healthcare and hygiene.
    • Promote the scientific temper to encourage socially relevant innovation in society.
    • Promote environment and its protection
  • Distinguish our programmes by a focus on volunteering, thus mobilising employee potential, passion and talent.
  • Partner with likeminded complementary organizations to provide socially relevant solution based on innovation and ingenuity.