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April 5- 10, 2024, AACR Conference

April 5- 10, 2024, AACR Conference

1) SMARCA 2/4 Degraders Relieve The Differentiation Block In AML via Changes In Chromatin Looping and Accessibility
2) Paralogue Selectivity p300 Degraders Induce Synthetic Lethality in Pre-Clinical Models of CBP- Deficient and p300 – Dependent Malignancies
3) Identification and Characterization of Paralogue Selective CBP Degraders for Potential Use in Cancer Therapy
4) Development of Novel anti- SIRPα/β Dual Antibody with Single – Agent Phagocytosis Activity
5) A Novel CCR4 Antagonist Induces Potent Anti-Tumor Response Through Inhibition of TREG Migration into the Tumor Microenvironment
6) Targeting the SWI/SNF Complex in POU2F-POU2AF Transcription Factor-Driven Malignancies