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Aurigene and Pcovery in pact to undertake anti-fungal drug discovery

Aurigene Discovery Technologies Ltd. today announced a drug discovery deal with Danish start-up Pcovery. Under the terms of this agreement, Aurigene and Pcovery will work collaboratively to progress early hits available with Pcovery through the drug discovery cycle up to IND submission for anti-fungal indications. Aurigene will support Pcovery through its structure based discovery approaches and medicinal chemistry expertise to advance the early hits from Pcovery. Financial details of the deal have not been disclosed.

Commenting on the deal Aurigene CEO CSN Murthy said, This deal demonstrates Aurigene pioneering position in undertaking collaborative drug discovery projects and also strengthens Aurigene presence in the anti-infectives space.

Commenting on the deal Pcovery CEO Dr. Morten Jeppe Buch Pedersen says We are truly happy to have reached a deal with Aurigene, and we believe that this agreement represents a most significant move for Pcovery. The combination of Aurigene and Pcovery, and of our shared knowledge and technology, should allow us to be able to bring innovative medicine to patients.

About Aurigene
Established in Bangalore, India, in 2002, Aurigene is a collaborative drug discovery company with a proven track record of successful partnerships with about 10 collaborators globally. Aurigene has a pipeline of 20 discovery programs, at various stages from Hit Generation to late-stage Pre-Clinical Optimization, and has filed multiple patents in these Discovery Programs. With proprietary Structural Biology and Fragment-based Drug Design technology platforms, and experienced scientific leadership, Aurigene is a fully integrated operation with expertise in Target Validation Biology and Hit Generation to IND nomination. Focus TAs includes oncology, inflammation, metabolic disorders, and anti-infectives.Please visit the company website www.aurigene.com for further information.

About Pcovery
Based on in depth knowledge on the structure and biochemistry of selected membrane protein drug targets, Pcovery designs and develops original drugs and agrochemicals for diseases for which there is an unmet medical need. Placed in Copenhagen, Denmark, Pcovery is founded with vast experience in three-dimensional structural determination of membrane proteins, structure based drug development and medicinal chemistry. The core focus area of Pcovery is the development of safe and efficient broad-spectrum antifungal agents. Please visit the company website www.pcovery.com for further information.

For Further Information Contact:
Aurigene: Saurabh Kapure, Ph: +91 80 2852 1314, e-mail: saurabh_k@aurigene.com

Pcovery: Morten J. Buch-Pedersen, Thorvaldsensvej 57, 1871 Frederiksberg C, Denmark
Phone: +45 4045 2330 e-mail: mbp@pcovery.com; busdev@pcovery.com