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Aurigene Announces Completion of Purchase of Discovery Research Facility in Hyderabad

Aurigene has completed the purchase of an additional site in Hyderabad with a fully integrated infrastructure and complement of high-quality and experienced scientific staff for Drug Discovery. This facility, along with all the physical infrastructure and scientific and non-scientific team, is now a part of Aurigene. Aurigene-Hyderabad is the erstwhile Drug Discovery site of Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd. Aurigene’s business model, as an independent subsidiary of Dr. Reddy’s, and externally focused on Drug Discovery collaborations and Services remains the same; with the addition of this site, Aurigene capacity and capabilities will increase significantly. Aurigene-Hyderabad (as the new site will be know can take up IND-enabling GLP studies including Toxicology and PK in higher, non-rodent species. This will therefore expand Aurigene’s ability to add considerably more value to its collaborations. In addition, Aurigene-Hyderabad has significant Pharmacology capabilities in Pain, Inflammation and Anti-bacterials.


About Aurigene:

Established in Bangalore, India, in 2002, Aurigene Discovery Technologies Ltd. is a drug discovery biotech with a proven track record of successful partnerships with big and medium-sized pharma and biotech companies globally. Aurigene has 10 drug discovery collaborations and a pipeline of 16 discovery programs at various stages, from Hit Generation to late-stage Pre-Clinical Optimization, and has filed 16 patents across 6 programs. With proprietary Structural Biology and Fragment-based Drug Design technology platforms, and experienced scientific leadership, Aurigene is a fully integrated Drug Discovery company focused on Oncology, Inflammation and Metabolic Disorders.